Balloon has been charging with positive emotions and making your parties brighter since 2017!

We will be glad to accept orders for:

  • balloon compositions and backgrounds;
  • bouquets, flowers, garlands and arches;
  • glowing balloons and balloons with confetti;
  • flying helium balloons and others.

Make your celebration unforgettable – order unique balloon decor!

Raleigh, Apex, Cary- North Carolina, USA

What we offer in balloon decoration

Our services are more than just beautiful balloons at your place. We put our design talent, our passion and our love for what we do in our balloon compositions.

We carefully monitor the balloon quality and only order them from trusted manufacturers. We use pure helium without impurities. We treat helium balloons with a special hi-float composition which allows them to fly for a much longer time.

An incredible palette of latex and mylar balloons of the most diverse shapes, colors and sizes is always available. And if it is necessary we will be happy to prepare surprise balloons for a special event: a composition with a secret for a gender party or balloons with funny lettering for a birthday party.

Of course we will offer you a convenient payment method and timely delivery in Raleigh, Apex, Cary. We will share interesting ideas and help you decide on the design of the party.

What cooperation consists of
A call or a meeting
You leave an application on the site or call us. We can arrange a meeting or have an online discussion of the order, we will consider the theme, style and location of the celebration, think over its decoration and select the payment method which is convenient for you.
Idea and design agreement
If you do not know exactly which decor you need to decorate your celebration we offer our own variants, give advice, agree and confirm with you the ideas of space design, types and quantity of balloons, color range and composition type and calculate the price.
Preparation of balloons and accessories
After that you have a rest and prepare for the event without any hurry and we select and prepare balloons necessary for the aero design of your celebration. We also arrange accessories for installation of arches and garlands and balloon content if it is a variant with a surprise.
Delivery and installation
And finally on the appointed date we timely deliver your order to the agreed place, decorate the space, install photo zones and do our best so that festive mood and children’s joy never leave you and your guests for a minute.

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The services of decorating the space with balloons – make your celebration unique!
Any celebration is first of all joy, happy laughter, sincere emotions and good memories. All these can be reached with the help of aero design! It will easily make your celebration a pleasant and atmospheric event which will be wanted to remember about with a smile. Order decor for your celebration from Happy Balloon and prepare to meet your guests in a calm way!

Ordinary and helium balloons

We make compositions both of balloons inflated with ordinary air and of helium balloons. Each variant has its own advantages – it is only up to you to choose! Both of them let you create incredibly beautiful, imponderable and bright designs of the space. However if you are planning a colorful photoshoot with balloons we strongly recommend helium balloons exactly! An armful of flying balloons look just magical in photos and videos! Besides such balloons are indispensable if there will be the ritual of making a wish at the celebration – the man of the hour can let the balloons fly in the sky as if securing his expectations. On average helium balloons remain floating for about 10 hours. But if you want to prolong the flying time of your balloons we will treat them with special hi-float fluid. It is an absolutely safe means which helps keep helium inside the balloon and lets it fly 10 times longer! This service is especially relevant for decorating children’s parties as children wish to play with their wonderful flying balloons as long as possible!

Balloons are divided into two main types:

  • mylar balloons are shiny dense balloons with thin metal coating and a seam;
  • latex balloons are durable, elastic and ecological balloons made of rubber tree juice.

Mylar or latex balloons: what should you choose?

The choice of balloons depends on what they are supposed to be used for.

For example, latex balloons on long ropes filled with helium and gathered in a large armful look very spectacular in photos and they are perfect as a gift for the birthday person. They are also ideal for creating arches and other complex balloon compositions.

Latex balloons may be both richly juicy and delicate and translucent.

In their turn mylar balloons can take very different shapes, they are made in the form of animals, birds, fish, numbers and letters, cartoon and comics characters, stars, hearts and other different objects. And thanks to high density they can be of enormous size.

Foiled balloons always shine, they are often drawn with holographic pictures and letterings.

And if it is difficult for you to decide we recommend to order the decor in which foiled and latex balloons will be harmoniously combined.

Bouquet of balloons and other balloon compositions
Bouquet of balloons
Bouquet of balloons is a composition which may consist of three, five or even ten or twelve balloons depending on what size of the decor the room can contain. Bouquets can be table-top and floor-standing. Balloons in them are most often arranged in the form of a cascade.
Balloon garland is a multicomponent decor which requires fixing to the wall, window, doorway or some other surface. It is most often used indoors. There are various types of garland plaiting so decorating with them is creative and unique each time.
Balloon arch is an independent free-standing construction requiring a frame for installation. Arches are made of balloons of different types, suit any celebration, beautifully complement the ceremonial area, attract attention from a long distance and make a splendid background for photos.
You do not need to look for balloons near me anymore, our team is always there and ready to decorate your party with qualitative balloons on any day of the week including weekends! If you live in Raleigh, Apex, Cary and are planning to celebrate a birthday, invite guests to the party or celebrate some other important event we will create a decor of your dream and make every invited person remember the event for a long time. Call and leave applications!
Happy clients reviews

Need Balloon Services in the Valley? Look no more!Amazing service! Fast and easy coordination! Best prices! Accommodating! A really great job! Really friendly and patient as well! We got exactly what we needed, a mermaid themed balloon arch with specific colors to add to a baby shower background, for a superb price and great quality! It was the best! Thank you so much!

Kathleen D.

Daria at Happy Balloon is so wonderful! I wanted balloons for a family member who was becoming an American citizen so she put together a beautiful red, white and blue balloon bouquet with ribbons and flags and delivered them right on time. It was an easy process, a beautiful arrangement and I am so grateful!

karen K.

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