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Everything depends on what balloons you order. Foil balloons filled with helium fly for two days or more. Latex balloons fly less – about 8-12 hours but they can be treated with a special composition then under good conditions they will last from 2-3 to 6-7 days.

A perfect variant is at room temperature, away from sources of heat and fire, sharp and prickly objects. Balloons do not like wet, drafts, wind, moisture, long contact with direct sunlight. All these affect their lifetime not in the best way.

If you are planning a large event with a lot of decor it is better to contact us in advance. The more complex designs are required the more time our designers need. But if the order is urgent, we will definitely meet you halfway and do our best.
Yes, they are. Helium is an absolutely harmless gas. Moreover, the hi-float mixture which we treat balloons with to increase flight time is also completely safe. We often decorate children’s parties with flying balloons and on this day they become favorite toys for kids!

Yes, we do. We are ready to decorate your celebrations both on weekdays and on weekends. But the demand for weekends as well as dates in the summer season is always higher so if your party is scheduled for Saturday or Sunday, book the date in advance so that it is guaranteed to be free for you.

Yes, it is. But everything depends on the area of the room or hall because the arch is a fairly high freestanding construction. Therefore, if there is not very much space, we recommend balloon garlands or bouquets.

It depends on the size of the construction and its design complexity – on the number of balloons, method of their weaving, if there are additional elements of decor and some other nuances. On average it takes from half an hour to two hours to mount and install one composition.
Depending on the size and type of balloon other small balloons can be placed inside as well as confetti, small sequins, shining tinsel, fresh rose petals, miniature candies, colored feathers, foam balls, notes with predictions – there are many variants!

Yes, we do. We have a very large choice of balloons for kids. They are usually foil balloons which can have any shape. Depending on what your kid likes they can be some kind of animals, birds, superheroes, a unicorn, a princess and so on. If you wish, we inflate them with helium.

There are small LEDs, white or colored, inside such balloons. They can glow for several days. These balloons can be inflated with both ordinary air and helium. Such glowing balloons, especially flying ones, look very atmospheric at events scheduled for the evening.

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