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Do you have a wedding, anniversary, children’s birthday, baby shower, gender party, opening a business in Raleigh, Apex, Cary ─ North Carolina, USA, or other important event?
Decorate it with an arch from Happy Balloon!

  • We develop a balloon arch design for any holiday;
  • We use latex and foil for our balloons;
  • We assemble and install structures of any size;
  • We take into account wishes for any color set and appearance of the arch;.

Call Us Now! Our arch will make your holiday brighter and more elegant!

How we have advantages in creating balloon arches

The Happy Balloon team offers you a great number of cool options for decorating your event with an arch. What we offer is:

1. Selection of individual arch sizes for interior or outdoor space;
2. Varied color palette, different balloon types and weaving options;
3. Advance departure to your event location, assembly and balloon arch installation.
Our work will give you and your guests pleasure and a beautiful location for your photos!

Happy Balloon arches correspond to the theme and mood of your event. We are happy to listen to your ideas or we can offer ours. We decorate wedding ceremony locations, photo zones, candy bar and other important areas of your event with arches. The balloons provided by trusted manufactures, reliable arch frames and fastenings are used in our work. Our arch is always of high quality and style!

Our Benefits

We do our best to make Happy Balloon clients content and happy!


We are sure that time is the most valuable resource, so we do not betray your trust. We always manage our time and arrive in advance to assemble and install an arch by the beginning of your event and deliver orders in good time across Raleigh, Apex, Cary – North Carolina, USA.


We are the reliable partner that our clients recommend to their friends and that values its reputation. Balloons, frames, fastenings and accessories of the highest quality are used in our work. At your request, we fill our balloons with pure helium and treat them with a hi-float mixture to achieve extended flight times.

Attention to Detail

Arches are a unique type of decoration and we believe that there are no little things here. Our designers create genuine masterpieces, use trendy color combinations, place beautiful accents and turn an arch into an object of admiration and a source of joy for all present.

Profitable Price

We would like to have our arch at every event, so we maintain an optimal balance of price and quality. Moreover, we offer a convenient delivery and payment method for your order.

Fast Feedback

We are available on any day, including weekends and holidays. We are ready to discuss your event in detail, its theme and style, give you professional advice, answer your question and float an idea. We will choose the perfect balloon arch for your celebration together!

How our Cooperation is Organized

Call and Meeting
Once you have decided to order a balloon arch from us for your holiday and left a request on the website, we meet in any format convenient for you: in person or online. We discuss the theme and scale of your event, its style and color set, the number and size or the arches you choose.
Organizational Matters
An arch is an independent and rather large construction and it requires free space. You should be ready to answer our questions about the room or outdoor area size where you would like to install an arch. We will also discuss other details, such balloon types and colors, design features of an arch and calculate the cost.
Then you can leave the preparation process to us and we will start our work. We will select suitable balloon sizes and color, design and fastenings for an arch and then develop its style. All our materials are of high quality and from trusted manufacturers. Our arch will make you happy for a long time!
Arch Delivery, Assembly and Installation
We travel to any location in Raleigh, Apex, Cary – North Carolina, USA, on the day of your holiday where the event takes place. We assemble and install an arch and it will be ready to welcome your guests by the time your wedding ceremony or party begins!

Have any Questions? No hesitation, we can help you with a free Consultation

Balloon arch is a great accent of any holiday

An arch made of balloons is a wonderful design solution that will decorate any special event. It is equally suitable for wedding ceremonies, child’s or adult birthdays, parties of varied themes and starting a business. Order a balloon arch from us and your event will have a unique design!

Helium Balloon archs

Many of our clients prefer to see weightless and delicate helium balloon arches at their event. They really look very impressive and airy!

But there are some nuances that we would like to tell you about. Latex balloons for arches are more popular, but foil balloons are denser and their flight time is more extended. So, if you want to order a helium balloon arch made from latex balloons, we strongly recommend you to ask the aero designer to treat the balloons with a healthy liquid hi-float composition. It forms a thin membrane that will trap helium molecules inside the balloon, so it will stay in the air for an extended period.

Latex Balloon arch

As practice shows, an average arch requires 90-140 balloons and quite often people choose elastic latex balloons. They can be deep color or muted matte shades, transparent or translucent – it all depends on the theme and style of your holiday.
If you want to make your latex balloon arch unique, you can use filled balloons. For example, take transparent or translucent types and add fluffy feathers, bright confetti, shimmering sparkles and tinsel inside. This immediately enlivens your arch and makes it extraordinary.
Another popular option to diversify your latex balloon arch design is to insert fresh or artificial flowers, graceful green branches, and elegant bows between the balloons.
Important! Even though latex balloons are durable, they are not too dense, so an arch made of them should not be placed near tree branches or objects that could accidentally puncture the balloon. The same goes for fire and heat sources – you should not allow a festive arch to heat up.

Balloon Arch Types

Regardless of what balloons arches are made of – air. For example, balloon arches can be:

  • oval;
  • round;
  • square;
  • heart-shaped;
  • irregular shape.

They can be of different heights, different weaves, and consist of balloons of the same or different diameters. And although an arch is generally a fairly large construction, there are also miniature table arches that decorate small candy bar, festive table or separate area for gifts for the birthday man or the bride and groom.
Finally, an arch can be frameless or supported by a solid frame. It all depends on its size, location and what the balloons are inflated with – air.

Balloon arch near me

Do you live in Raleigh, Apex, Cary – North Carolina, USA? Would like to order a balloon arch for your celebration? We will be happy to fulfill your wish! Happy Balloon designers will create a stylish arch for your interior or outdoor space, which will become a beautiful accent of the event, help highlight an important area and delight your guests.

No more searching for a balloon arch near me – just call us or fill in the form on the website and we will make your holiday unique!

Happy clients reviews

Need Balloon Services in the Valley? Look no more!Amazing service! Fast and easy coordination! Best prices! Accommodating! A really great job! Really friendly and patient as well! We got exactly what we needed, a mermaid themed balloon arch with specific colors to add to a baby shower background, for a superb price and great quality! It was the best! Thank you so much!

Kathleen D.

Daria at Happy Balloon is so wonderful! I wanted balloons for a family member who was becoming an American citizen so she put together a beautiful red, white and blue balloon bouquet with ribbons and flags and delivered them right on time. It was an easy process, a beautiful arrangement and I am so grateful!

karen K.

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