Event Balloon 

Are you planning a corporate event, exhibition, presentation, training, festival or some other important event? The aerodesign from Happy Balloon will help make it more stylish and memorable!

  • we decorate any solemn events with latex and foil balloons;
  • we create beautiful arches, garlands, bouquets, fountains, photo zones and other compositions;
  • we accept personalized orders for surprise balloons with lighting or filling;
  • we work both in offices, restaurants, halls and in outdoor spaces.

We go to the events in Raleigh, Apex, Cary – North Carolina, USA. Call us!

What We Offer

  • we make an elegant decor out of balloons inflated with helium or ordinary air;
  • we observe the theme and style of the event, create an aero design in corporate colors;
  • we write names, titles, dates and more from foil balloons in the form of letters and numbers.

Our designers will let any of your ideas come true – contact us!

At Happy Balloon, you will find high-quality decor made of balloons from famous manufacturers. We use reliable fasteners and good accessories and treat flying balloons with hi-float solution which prolongs their flight time. We are constantly looking for fresh ideas and new solutions and our aerodesign always pleases and gives a lot of positive emotions!

Our Advantages

Happy Balloon is a customer-oriented company, our mission is to make you happier and your events brighter. We do our best to make cooperation with us easy and comfortable.

We Appreciate Your Time

You may be sure that your event will be decorated on time! We calculate accurately how much time we will need for assembling and installation of the compositions, we go to the venue of the event in advance and manage to do everything exactly on time. We also deliver balloons to order on time.

We fulfill your wishes

Our designers are ready to listen to your wishes and ideas, decorate the event taking into account its theme, style and color scheme. They will offer you a huge variety of balloons to choose from, various types of garland weaving and trendy combinations of tints.

We Watch the Quality

It is very important for us that our compositions do not lose their aesthetics throughout your event and even after it. We only use balloons, fasteners and accessories from trusted manufacturers, the quality of which we have no doubt.

We Keep Reasonable Prices

We are proud that we manage to keep a balance between excellent quality, impeccable service and acceptable cost. We want everyone in Raleigh, Apex, Cary – North Carolina, USA to be able to afford decorating his event with an aerodesign.

We are Always in Touch

An event is a very important and crucial occasion. We understand it, so we stay in touch from the moment of accepting your order until we leave for your event. We help with ideas, give valuable advice, offer interesting color solutions and designs.

How our Cooperation is Carried out
Call or Application

Do you want your event to be decorated with beautiful balloon compositions? Great, call us or fill in the form on the website. We will choose a convenient time for you, meet in person or discuss all the nuances of the upcoming decoration online.

Organizational moments

Be ready to answer questions about the area of the space in which the aerodesign is planned, talk about the type, size and number of compositions, determine the color scheme of the balloons, decide whether they will be filled with helium or ordinary air.

Preparing for the Event

After that, you can relax or prepare for the event, and we will start working. We will order the required number of balloons, think over the design of the compositions, harmoniously combine the colors, take care of fasteners and accessories for the aerodesign.

Delivery, Assembly and Installation

On the appointed day, we leave for the event venue strictly at the agreed time. We mount and install arches, garlands, photo zones and other compositions. And your event will be decorated at the highest level by the arrival of the invited guests!

Have any Questions? No hesitation, we can help you with a free Consultation

Event balloons – create the atmosphere of your event with us!

Event planning is not an easy task. We will be happy to help you with their design and raise the level of aesthetics of your event! Your corporate party, conference, sports competitions, seminar, charity event and other events will look more presentable, more beautiful and brighter with compositions from Happy Balloon.

Helium еvent balloons

Helium event balloons are a perfect solution for any celebration. We fill balloons with pure helium and, upon your request, treat them with a hi-float liquid mixture that is safe for health which allows to extend the time of balloon staying in the air several times.

If it is relevant to the theme of the event, you can choose helium event balloons with a surprise – for example, with a white or colored LED backlight which will greatly decorate an evening solemn event. Or balloons with sequins inside which are pierced at the most important moment and the guests turn out to be under a sparkling rain. Light colored feathers, small candies, notes with wishes or predictions, confetti, petals of fresh flowers and so on can also be used as filling.

By type helium balloons can be latex and foil.

Latex еvent balloons

Latex event balloons in both pastel and rich tints are great for creating garlands and arches, stylish photo zones, flowers and bouquets of balloons, for decorating candy bars and a festive table. And transparent or semi-transparent models look beautiful with backlight. Latex balloons can be round, oval or heart-shaped.

But it is worth taking into consideration that such balloons are less dense than foil ones and therefore require more careful handling and placement away from the sources of heat, sharp and prickly objects. In addition, latex event balloons filled with helium fly less than the foil ones.

Mylar еvent balloons

Mylar event balloons are shiny balloons with a thin metal coating and seams. Due to this, they are quite dense and, when filled with helium, can stay in the air for a very long time.

They look wonderful as additional elements in arches, garlands and other complex balloon compositions as well as single decorations. They can take any shape, be of any size, do not deform for a long time and shine festively.

Bouquet of event balloons and other compositions

Arches, garlands, photo zones and a bouquet of event balloons are among the most popular compositions for events. They help to make the event unique and convey its theme and style. Arches are large independent constructions that require a lot of free space. It is better to install them outdoors or in roomy halls. We recommend garlands to decorate entrance doors and walls indoors. And a bouquet of event balloons is suitable for events of any format – they can be floor-standing and table-top therefore they look good in an interior of any size and become the central element of the design. Most often, balloons filled with helium are used for them. Bouquets of latex balloons complemented by two or three foil balloons as an accent look stylish.
Up to five balloons are used for small bouquets – such compositions are placed on tables, steps or other surfaces. And about 10 – 12 balloons are used for large bouquets, they take more space, they are assembled in a cascade and installed on the floor.

Event balloons near me

Do you want to order event balloons near me? You have come to the right place! Designers of Happy Balloon will decorate your event in Raleigh, Apex, Cary – North Carolina, USA. We adhere to the theme and style of the event, at your request, we use corporate colors in the decor, write the name of the company, names and dates with balloons. We let your ideas come true and give professional advice. The only request is to leave applications for aerodesign in advance especially if you are planning a large-scale event with a big area for decorating. We want to be sure that this day is free and we will fully devote it to the celebration of your company.

Call us – any event will look luxurious with our help!

Happy clients reviews

Need Balloon Services in the Valley? Look no more!Amazing service! Fast and easy coordination! Best prices! Accommodating! A really great job! Really friendly and patient as well! We got exactly what we needed, a mermaid themed balloon arch with specific colors to add to a baby shower background, for a superb price and great quality! It was the best! Thank you so much!

Kathleen D.

Daria at Happy Balloon is so wonderful! I wanted balloons for a family member who was becoming an American citizen so she put together a beautiful red, white and blue balloon bouquet with ribbons and flags and delivered them right on time. It was an easy process, a beautiful arrangement and I am so grateful!

karen K.

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