Birthday balloons

We have been convinced many times that colored balloons are much more than just a decor. They bring adults to their childhood, give sincere joy and enhance the festive mood. And what to say about the youngest – flying balloons delight children and become a favorite toy for several days with which they wish to play again and again.

Call us – Happy Balloon will make any birthday party more cheerful and brighter!

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What we have

At Happy Balloon you will find everything you need for a bright birthday party:

  • balloons inflated with helium or ordinary air;
  • rich latex balloons and shining foiled balloons;
  • balloons with a surprise and congratulating letterings;
  • bouquets, garlands, arches, fountains to decorate the interior.

And for your kids we have children’s balloons in the form of animals, superheroes, unihorns, fairy-tale and cartoon characters and other interesting variants.

Positive colorful birthday party with us is easy, you just need to leave an application! We will deliver in Raleigh, Apex, Cary, decorate the celebration with festive arches, garlands, bouquet of birthday balloons, create a beautiful photo zone, spectacularly emphasize candy bar.

Both you and your guests will remember such birthday celebration for a long time!

Our advantages

We appreciate your trust and value our reputation.

We watch the quality carefully

We order balloons and accessories for them from trusted manufacturers and always test the products. We use pure helium without impurities for helium balloons and if it is necessary we treat them with safe hi-float composition which lets balloons fly longer.

Responsible attitude to deadlines

Punctuality is not an empty sound for us. We understand what important mission is assigned to us, that is why we can calculate our time and save yours. We deliver orders at the agreed location timely; we arrive in time to decorate birthday celebrations with festive balloons.

We set reasonable prices

We provide high-level services for an adequate cost. We offer special conditions for our regular customers and give an opportunity to choose the payment method which is convenient for you.

We are constantly expanding the range

Balloons are always an unlimited field for imagination! A unique decor can be created with them which will delight you for a long time and remain in memories and photos. We try to do so that you have a huge choice and numerous variants to let your ideas come true.

We provide quick feedback

We are always in touch to answer any questions! We are glad to help with the ideas on decorating the festive space if you cannot decide what exactly you need. We give professional advice, help choose balloons, compositions and color schemes for your event.
How our cooperation is organized
An application or a call

You complete the form on the site or call us. It is better to do it in advance so that we will surely be free on the appointed day. We can meet or communicate online. It is necessary to discuss the celebration style, its color scheme and confirm the variants of space design.

Specifying details of a birthday party decoration
Next step is discussing nuances, what balloons exactly will be chosen for the decor of your birthday party and how many. If they are complex compositions, then what size they will be and where they will be installed. After that we calculate the cost and determine the payment method.
Order preparation
Your part in aero design preparation is finished at this stage! You are having a rest and waiting for your birthday and we will take care of the balloons and necessary accessories for the decor, we will select proper color combinations, think over garland plaiting and solve other issues.
Balloon delivery and composition installation

And now the birthday has come! We will deliver your order at the appointed location exactly on the agreed time, decorate the space in accordance with the chosen plan, install arches, garlands and photo zones and give positive emotions and great mood to the hosts and the guests of the celebration!

Have any Questions? No hesitation, we can help you with a free Consultation

Birthday balloons: we will make your birthday party unforgettable!

Birthday is like your own New Year’s Day which comes individually for every person. And you want to celebrate it cheerfully and brightly in the company of your family and friends in a cozy and beautiful surrounding. Aero design will help make your celebration atmospheric, unusual and stylish!
Birthday balloons for kids
What can be more pleasant than arranging a children’s party! Sincere kid’s emotions, his genuine happiness at the sight of color flying balloons are worth much! That is why we decorate children’s birthday parties with special pleasure, apply individual approach and carefully think over every detail. You can order children’s bedroom decor with foiled balloons in the form of Disney characters, your kid’s favorite animals, hearts, stars, flowers and any other forms. We can even prepare a surprise-box opening which the kid will see flying out balloons at first and then he will find a gift inside. Such a presentation will definitely produce a wow effect! Latex balloons with a backlight inside, transparent and half transparent balloons with confetti, balloons with bulk materials will produce an equally strong impression on kids. And of course we decorate outdoor spaces for children’s parties and candy bars. In general we have a large amount of ideas and our balloons will make both the kid and his parents happy!
Birthday balloons for adults

We are sure that balloons definitely have some kind of magic – they are equally loved by kids and adults. Therefore feel free to give balloons to your family and friends on their birthdays and you will not lose! And festive decoration of the space with balloons will charge your guests with a good mood.

Helium birthday balloons 

Exactly helium birthday balloons are the most popular especially among girls and women. Flying balloons look the most beautiful when they are collected in a large armful, the photos of the birthday girl with such a “bouquet” turn out to be tremendous. And you can also choose helium balloons with funny greetings for those who appreciate humor or half transparent flying balloons with feathers inside – they look very splendid. Both latex balloons and foiled balloons can be inflated with helium. Choose what you like!
Latex balloons

Balloon arch is an impressive separately standing construction for a big celebration. It is a perfect choice for a wedding or anniversary, a great photo zone for guests. Arches can be installed  both outdoors and indoors if the size of the room allows it.  

They look very impressive in photos. They let you focus on a certain area. For example, they help mark out a place for the bride and groom at the wedding or for a candy bar at a children’s party.

Mylar balloons

Mylar balloons differ from latex ones having the finest metal coating and seams. Such balloons can take very different forms and thanks to their density they can be of huge sizes. And regardless of the type they are always shiny and beaming. Foiled birthday balloons become a wonderful accent in latex balloon compositions; they are also used as a separate decoration of interior and outdoor spaces.
Bouquet of birthday balloons and other compositions
A bouquet of birthday balloons is a marvelous variant for a birthday party decor. Such bouquets can be table-top and floor-standing, everything depends on the amount of space in the house. Balloons inflated with helium are used for them most often. A popular variant is to interweave foiled balloons in the form of numerals which indicate the age of the birthday person into the bouquet. Many people also like bouquets with latex balloons on which congratulations are written and a bouquet of birthday balloons with added foiled balloons in the form of a birthday cake, cupcakes or a bottle of champagne. If we are talking about an anniversary we recommend a balloon arch that is a large free-standing construction which may serve as a photo zone for photos of the man of the hour with his guests.
Birthday balloons near me
Are you looking for birthday balloons near me? Congratulations! You have found us!
We will be happy to decorate your birthday party in Raleigh, Apex, Cary. And if you are going to a birthday party to a dear person we will help collect a spectacular balloon bouquet. We let any ideas come true, do our job creatively and with soul. Leave an application and we will contact you in the shortest possible time to clarify order details!
Happy clients reviews

Need Balloon Services in the Valley? Look no more!Amazing service! Fast and easy coordination! Best prices! Accommodating! A really great job! Really friendly and patient as well! We got exactly what we needed, a mermaid themed balloon arch with specific colors to add to a baby shower background, for a superb price and great quality! It was the best! Thank you so much!

Kathleen D.

Daria at Happy Balloon is so wonderful! I wanted balloons for a family member who was becoming an American citizen so she put together a beautiful red, white and blue balloon bouquet with ribbons and flags and delivered them right on time. It was an easy process, a beautiful arrangement and I am so grateful!

karen K.

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