Party balloons

Do you want your party to be remembered by your guests for a long time and photos from it get to social nets? Order an original interior or outdoor space decoration with balloons! They will cheer you up, charge with positive emotions, become a great backdrop and decorate your celebration.

Call us – with Happy balloons any of your events will sparkle with rich colors!

What services we offer for party decoration with balloons

We bring to life any idea related to the aerial design of the party:

  • we make the design for indoor and outdoor spaces;
  • we prepare a surprise-box with flying balloons inside;
  • we create beautiful compositions and backgrounds for photos.

Apex, Cary.
We deliver orders in Raleigh, Apex, Cary quickly and timely.

For your party we will prepare balloon decorations with ordinary air and helium, we offer you bouquets of latex and foil balloons, garlands and arches.. Our range contains a huge variety of models, from classical color and half-transparent to balloons in the form of flowers, stars, hearts, birds, animals, Disney and fairy-tale characters and lots of other variants – we will select in accordance with the theme of the party.

Make your celebration fiery and irresistible with the help of our bright balloons!

Why do customers choose us to decorate their party with balloons?

We love our job and they feel it!

We offer an excellent range

We follow the trends in the field of party balloons and are constantly expanding the range with creative new variants. You will find latex and foil balloons for a party in any style and color and for any age at us!

We are attentive to deadlines

We know how valuable time is so we always clearly stipulate the order deadlines and adhere to them. We can calculate accurately how much time is needed for a garland plaiting, arch assembling, bouquet collecting or decorating a room with balloons, therefore we always begin and finish on time.

We provide qualitative services

We watch the quality of our services, are constantly improving and developing and offer something new. For example, you can order a surprise-box, balloons with backlight and different filling from us as well as helium balloon treatment with hi-float composition for them to fly longer.

We set affordable prices

The perfect balance of price and quality is our feature. We create beauty, a wonderful mood and all kinds of balloon compositions for our customers for an adequate cost. We also deliver orders timely in Raleigh, Apex, Cary.

We are always in touch and ready to help

It happens so that the party is at hand but you have no ideas on decoration. Do not worry, we will help you invent an interesting interior or outdoor decoration, choose suitable color scheme, decide on quantity, size and design of balloon compositions.

How we work on orders

We get your application

If you want to order a party decoration leave an application on the site or call us. But do it in advance so that we will be free for you on the required day. We will discuss decoration ideas and variants, decor design, colors and style of the celebration.

We solve organizational issues
For the result to be impeccable and exceed all expectations, we will ask you clarifying questions. We will discuss which balloons exactly we choose for the decor and how many, what size of the construction will suit your space and set the final cost of work.
We prepare to complete the order
After that you may do your business and rest before the party and we will select balloons and accessories, think over the best color combinations, types of garland plaiting for your event and do other preparation details.
We deliver the balloons and assemble the decor
On the appointed day we bring the balloons to the location of your party. We install arches and garlands, collect bouquets, make photo zones and everything that was agreed upon as part of the order. You will get the stylish space decoration and festive mood exactly in time!

Have any Questions? No hesitation, we can help you with a free Consultation

Party balloons: order the festive mood!

A party is always a great idea and it does not matter at all what the reason for it is! And with the airy space decoration from Happy balloons your event is guaranteed to be bright, atmospheric and leave the most pleasant impressions.

Helium Party balloons

What can be more festive than flying balloons? They bring even those who were small many years ago to their childhood and give sincere joy to everyone. Party is not a party without them!

We fill the balloons with pure helium and if it is necessary we treat them with special safe hi-float solution which lets helium party balloons stay in the air three times more as minimum! The party will be over but our balloons will still remain.

Photos turn out to be very spectacular with such balloons, especially when colorful or one color bright balloons are collected in a large cloud straining into the sky. And you can also make a wish and let the flying balloon go symbolically indicating the intention to realize the dream.

And of course helium party balloons will serve as an ideal material for interior designing, for creating a surprise-box and for candy bar decoration. Many interesting things can be invented with them that will stay in your guests’ memories for a long time!

Latex Party balloons

If you want something classical we recommend choosing latex party balloons. They usually have round or oval form and rich and succulent tints.

But there are also transparent or half-transparent balloons, they are perfectly suitable for filling. Light fluffy feathers, color confetti or small spangles can be put inside such balloons. If it is a bouquet made of several flying balloons with a surprise, at the suitable moment of the party they can be pierced and the guests will be under the “rain” shining with all rainbow colors.

In addition, latex party balloons make beautiful garlands, arches and other large compositions. But it is necessary to take into consideration that such balloons are less dense than the foiled ones so they require more careful handling. It is better when there are no trees, bushes and other objects that can pierce a balloon accidentally near the decor made of them.

Bouquet of Party balloons

A bouquet of Party balloons is a composition that looks great at any party and becomes its central element. They can be:

  • floor-standing – on average they include 10-12 balloons usually arranged in a cascade;
  • desktop – consist of 3-5 balloons and installed on furniture surfaces.

What bouquets to choose depends on how much free space will be in the room for the party.

They are made of latex or foil balloons but more often it is a combination of both. If it is a wedding anniversary party, balloons in the form of numbers can be plaited into the bouquet indicating the number of years that the spouses have been living together. If it is a children’s party balloons in the form of superheroes or cartoon characters are added into it.

Contact us and we will choose a bouquet suitable to the theme of your event!

Party balloons near me
Dear friends, if you live in Raleigh, Apex, Cary you do not need to look for party balloons near me anymore. Our company will be happy to decorate your party with balloons! We will offer elegant solutions and creative ideas to you, beautifully decorate any interior and outdoor space, emphasize the theme of the party and give smiles to you and your guests. Create your own unique style together with Happy balloons – call us!
Happy clients reviews

Need Balloon Services in the Valley? Look no more!Amazing service! Fast and easy coordination! Best prices! Accommodating! A really great job! Really friendly and patient as well! We got exactly what we needed, a mermaid themed balloon arch with specific colors to add to a baby shower background, for a superb price and great quality! It was the best! Thank you so much!

Kathleen D.

Daria at Happy Balloon is so wonderful! I wanted balloons for a family member who was becoming an American citizen so she put together a beautiful red, white and blue balloon bouquet with ribbons and flags and delivered them right on time. It was an easy process, a beautiful arrangement and I am so grateful!

karen K.

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